Image Collaboration

Image Collaboration

I am from the time we found the scorpion in the bathtub



First and foremost, be patient with me.  I am well aware that the body art image is not a map of a place.  But in my opinion, it is a map of the soul.  This person chose these images and organized them in this pattern for a reason. This is their communication of who they are as a person to the rest of the world. These images meant enough to them that they chose to make them a permenant fixture of their body.  Similarly the brain map shows the functioning parts of the brain, how they fit together and even how some coopperate. Both maps are designed to convey messages to the world, clearly. The messages both say something about the mind, how it works, the decisions made based on internal communication. 

Bright Idea

ImageThis is a map of the world. (clearly) But is not exactly to scale, as it is done in the Wordle style.  For those unfamiliar with and give it a go, I challenge you to make yours this cool. 

Though this map is not perfcet it could potentially be helpful.  Say, you are a young student, learning the global positions of the different countries in realtion to each other. This map can also provide a vauge size guide.  It is certainly not perfect, but I suppose that is what I liked about it, its generalization, its simplicity.

Zoological Generalization

Zoological Generalization

It’s an older copy of the map, but the inaccuracies are actually less pronouncd here…

Zoological generaliation

I love the zoo. Mostly because I love animals, my loveof them even was a huge deciding factor in my career choices.  So of course the zoo is a happy place for me.  Until I encounter this lying map.  This thing is grossly inaccurate. It does not show you the round-about route in the elephant center, nor arethe pathways to scale. believe me, the paths around the giraffes and buffalos are FAR longer and more grueling than represented.

This made me question the motives of lying to their main patrons, youg parents with young children.  The simpler and prettie the map appears the more patrons they will gain, because unless you are lost and vainly searching for the tigers, you do not realize how off-kilter this map is.  Zoo, why you mess up happy days?

There’s a Map for That



I was concerned about my post for this assignment, honestly I could not think of a time I had been aware that maps had lied to me -yes, I also realized I’m an unobservant sheep. Baa, to you too-  then I glanced down at my iPhone.  And the wheels began to turn. 


Anyone familiar with these remarkable creations knows the many things they are capable of.  And anyone driving to a new location with the aid of the Map app knows their darker tendencies.  These fickle creations are supposed to provide you with a satellite update as to your location on the map, saving you unfathomable amounts of trouble and frustration! Just watch the blue dot and all will be taken care of!


Here’s the problem though, they tend to stall when checking your location.  Almost always RIGHT AT YOUR EXIT -not bitter, not at all- causing you to miss it, or spontaneously screech across multiple lanes of traffic to reach your goal.  If this were not frustrating enough, they also have a tendency to misplace the exact location of your destination.  Never more than a block or so, but misplaced they are.  I have learned to put the phone down when within a half mile of my next turn or destination itself.  Otherwise I get rather frustrated at the inaccuracy.  Speaking of which, I do not know whom Apple or Verizon make deals with, but I think they have a small-scale conspiracy up and running.  Ever notice how the Map app sends you twenty miles away for a Target when there happens to be one three blocks over?  Or how they ignore four banks in your neighborhood for one way out in the ghetto? Who is pulling the strings with this?? Are they, as ion page 58 of Mark Mononier’s How to Lie with Maps, avoiding “graphic interference” to “serve the advertiser’s need to suppress and exaggerate”?

Wickedly Winchester exterior

Wickedly Winchester exterior

Wickedly Winchester

Today we were instructed to hunt for interesting maps and I happened to stubble upon an exterior map of the Winchster Mystery House.


After the death of her husband and daughter Mrs.Winchester saught the consolence of a psychic medium.  As one can imagine, this afforded her no solace.  The mediu told her that the ghosts of those killed by the Winchester rifles were enraged at her fortunes and her family’s proffiting from the weapons that ended their lives.  She was advised to build a house to appease them so they would not take her life as they had presumably taken those of her husband and daughter. So she began building. 

But this was no average house.  It contains door and stairs that lead to nowhere, halls and walkways the switch back repeatedly and secret spaces. 

It is no chore to lose your way, or your sanity here.


See why I liked it?

Life Map

Life Map

Visual Reality

We were asked to map out our lives.  We could map places of interest, travel destinations, special places of value.

As I often do, I took it literally.   I mapped my homes.   First the hospital I was born in, my family knew every member of the staff personally.  Except, of course the nurse who signed my mother in the morning she came in, two days past her due date.  I’ll save you the details, but my birth took 21 hours. 

Yes, we do in fact dislike that nurse a bit, stll.  She doesn’t work there anymore. 


Next was the house across from my paternal grandparents.  I used to ride my pony down the hill of my driveway, across the gravel road and up the hill to their house.  The dairy farm was on that hill too. My collie-mix, Charlie, used to follow me around the barn, and Grandma paniced everytime I hopped up on the fence rails to taunt the bulls. They looked rather silly with their horns shaved down, that way.


Next was the white brick out on the edge of town, with the big sweet gum tree.  I climbed up into that tree the day I got my glasses and counted the leaves because I could see them all for the first time.


Next was the two-story covered in ivy.  We used to sled down the stair case on a mattress, my brothers and I, and when we got caught we simply took to climbing the sliding ladder to the bookcases, hopping onto the landing and leaping over the back of the couch.  Terrified the cleaning lady a few times.  I don’t think she ever told on us though. 


Last is my dorm room, I don’t know if i call that home.  The library and the science building are more that than my bedroom. 


The burgundy line shows my travel and the blue dots my residences.